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Our History

Ray's Auto Body started in 1956 by my father Ray Mamone Sr. pictured to the left. He started in a small 6 car garage in the town of Somerville, N.J. where he had a talent of perfection for restoring these old vintage models. He stayed in this location for 9 years working seven days a week to get started. After 9 years had passed. My father had out grown this building. So in 1969, he was on his way to great success in the auto body repair market.


Rays Auto Body 1956

My father decided to build a bigger building just up the street which is pictured to the left. By this time, I Ray mamone Jr. was getting involved helping around the shop and enjoying fixing the cars. But hanging around the shop at age 7 got me into the love of the old vintage vehicles. They became a passion of mine with that Labor of Love. Fortunately my father taught me a lot of the old tricks of the trade which are gone in todays auto repair market. I still cherish all the old methods with great pride in teaching them to the younger generation of today.

Rays Auto Body 1969

By 2009, we added to this building three times, shown to the left and subsequently we have out grown this location. So after 56 years in the automotive collision industry, I decided to merge the collision repairs along with the old Rays Auto Body name and  create a new combination called Rays Auto Restorations & Collision Center. We moved to Pennsylvania where there is a lot of the major car shows are like York, Hershey, Carlise, Macungie. My love for the old cars has grown into my pastime hobby. And we also contuied to repair Collision Accidents everyday.

Rays Auto Body 2009

Rays Auto Restorations 2011

Currently we have a new location in Freemansburg, Pa this 20,000 sqft. facility pictured to the left is our begining here in the Bethlehem & Easton area of Pa. Here we perform State of the Art Collision repairs along with the Restoration projects from all over. Please take the time to visit the rest of our website.  


Too all our past & Present customers ,


            Thank you for gaining our Trust & supporting us at ;


                                       Rays Auto Restoration / Rays Auto Body !




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