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       Windshield Replacement


     Custom Laminated Glass 


    Here at Rays Auto Restorations we work to together with Ins. Co. and our customers to give the best quality replacement glass at the most competitive price. Give us a call for a price quote today !!!

Custom made windows are hard to find 

please stop by if you need custom Laminated glass made for those old classic cars with flat glass. We cut and size it to your old glass for a perfect fit.

We can install most windshields from 1990 to 2016 with 48 hrs if need emergency service.

      Give us a Call : 610-849-0833

We have been installing Classic Cars and Collision Automotive glass for over

                             55 years !!!


































This is a new peice of Laminated glass that we will cut to make a side window for a 1957 Cadillac

Damaged Side Glass

This is the damaged side glass that we will use to make a templete for the new glass.

Damaged side glass

Here we are inscribing the old glass on to the new for a rough template to start.

New side window cut

This is what the new window looks like when firsts cut to shape.

Glass cutting to exact shape

Here we are grinding the edges so they are flush together and then we will round the corners before finish polishing.

Rounded corners

This is were we round the corners and the edge surface to match the original window.

Quarter Glass side window

Here is a before and after of a quarter side glass window cut to size and finished before installing.

Installing new windshield

Here a Tech is installing a new windshield on a modern Auto.

Tech replacing front windshield

Our glass Tech is installing a 2010 BMW windshield

A Complete One Stop Shop for All your Automobile Repairs  !


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